Links and Resources


Clubs and information:

American Rabbit Breeders Association

American Mini Lop Rabbit Club

Rabbit Education Society
Excellent info on rabbit care, health and legislation

Show Rabbit Protection Society
Do you love raising Rabbits? If you want to join the fight to keep our rights to raise rabbits learn about what is going on here.

New England Show Circuit
Show listings for New England.


Other Breeders:

Painted Bunnies Rabbitry
My friend Ondreya from VT.

Elbrams Rabbitry
My friend Lynn from Templeton.

Mass Netherland Dwarfs
My friends Paul and Jackie from Gardner.

Living Waters Rabbitry
My new friends from Mason, NH.

Smokey's Bunny Barn
Quality Mini Lops in Washington State.

Velotta's Rabbitry
Quality Mini Lops and Silver Martins in Washington State.

Joe-Kerr's Rabbitry
Quality Mini Lops and Polish, my friends Richard and Kerrie from New York!

Bucky's Bunny Barn
Quality Netherland dwarfs, great rabbit ccare info.

Mighty Roar Lionheads
Many available breeds, quality lionheads.


Health and Supplies:

ERE and coccidiosis : A criminal Conspiracy
Good article on Epizootic Rabbit Enterocolitis (ERE) and Coccidia.

Cause/ Treatment of torticollis/E.Cuniculi
Awesome article on e.cuniculi.

Dr. Charke's Rabbit Formulary
Best rabbit formulary I have found.

Where to buy Toltrazuril
Where to find generic Baycox for coccidia.


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