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Flemish Giant Bucks at Replenish the Flemish Rabbitry

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Ohtex's "Captain"

Sire: Brink's Sherman- Fawn
Dam: Ohtex's Lilah- Fawn

We LOVE Captain! He is sweet as can be and we are very pleased to have him as a foundation sire here at Replenish the Flemish.

Iberia's Blue (For Sale)
Sire: Iberia's Icono- Blue
Dam: Iberia's Irma- Blue

Blue is a nice buck but he is lacking in some features we need in our line. We have decided to make available to a pet home! PRICE NEGOTIABLE


Flemish Giant Does at Replenish The Flemish Rabbitry

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Bush's Sugar

Sire: Bush's WH4 - Sandy
Dam: Brink's ZJK3 - Sandy

We could not have asked for a better doe to start our her. Sugar lives up to her name with a ultra sweet personality and she's a fantastic mom too.

RTF's Peggie

Sire: Iberia's Blue
Dam: Bush's Sugar -blue

Peggie is our first keeper junior and she is as sweet as her momma. Looking foreward to seeing how she does on the show table this year!


Flemish Giants FOR SALE at Replenish The Flemish Rabbitry

RTF's spring juniors
sandy & steel

Sire: Iberia's Blue
Dam: Bush's Sugar -blue

2 Sandy junior bucks and 1 gold tip steel junior doe ready 4/7! Well socialized with kids and cats. Friendly and outgoing natures. $125 w/ped $100 no ped


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